What does are group value in martial arts training?


• Safety - We want our members to feel like they have a safe and supportive environment in which to train.


• Fun - No boring forms or memorization.


• Fitness - Get a mental and physical challenge focusing on flexibility, coordination and balance.


• Practicality - We want to know that, if needed, what you learn will work in everyday life.


• Community - Meet new people and learn new things together.


What is Bahad Zu'Bu?


It's a Filipino Martial Art (also known as Eskrima, Kali, or Arnis).   Most martial arts make you learn years of  "empty hand" forms before you get to learn effective weapon tactics, we start everyone with weapons.  Everyone starts with training swords, knives and sticks that have all edges removed for safety.  You learn basic footwork, defenses and techniques.


Where have you seen Eskrima before?


The Bourne Trilogy , Book of Eli, Blade, Hanna, Mission Impossible 3,  Taken, The Hunted, James Bond, Quantum of Solace, and more.


Known for it's lightning quick knife defenses, sword fencing and general effectiveness Eskrima is the "go to" martial art for many special forces, law enforcement and bodyguards.



What are you learning?

In Bahad Zubu, there are no complicated forms, techniques or overtly preparatory routines.

Western Boxing with a twist

- Learn the basics of boxing, a good jab, cross, hook and uppercut.

- You will learn proper footwork and how to stay in range of your apponent.

- Effective defense and movement

The 3 main fundamentals underpinning the art are:

- Enganyo (Baiting)

- Monitoring

- Preparation


 These fundamentals are developed through a solid core of basic exercises and the use of 2-man interactive drills.The drills are either:

- Counter Armed Tactics (CAT)

- Counter Un-armed Tactics (CUT)


Multiple opponents are also covered

The following weapons are among those that are used:

-Baraw/Pisaw (Knife)

-Sansibar (Short sword)

-Bio-Olisi (42" Staff)

- 22",24", 28" & 32" Sticks